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  • MIG Welding Machine

    MIG Welding Machine MIG 135/155 Features: 1. Built-in 0.9kg wire spool. 2. MMA/MIG Mode 3. With output polarity conversion, can weld flux core and solid wire. 4. With perfect overcurrent, overheating, short voltage protection. 5. Under MIG mode. 6. Small size, light weight and portable. 7. Single phrase power supply for home use. Scope of application: 1. Consumbles: contact tip, nozzle, welding rod 2. Welding workplace: 1-4mm, carbon steel. stainless steel MIG 160/175/200GD Features: 1. 5kg and 1kg wire coil interchange. 2. 3 in 1 function, including MIG/MAG, MMA, Lift TIG 3. MMA mode with adjustable VRD control, usercan set; arc force can adjust seperately. 4. 2T/4T mode. 5. At MIG/MAG mode have voltage, current, inductance unified adjusting function. 6. With output polarity conversion. 7. With perfect over current, over heating, short voltage protection. 8. Current and voltage figure have seperate digital display. 9. Complete with spool gun connector. Scope of application: 1. Consumbles: contact tip, nozzle, tungsten needle, welding rod 2. Welding workplace: 1-6mm, carbon steel. stainless steel MIG 200/250/300GN 1. Built-in wirefeeder, equipped with cylinder tray. 2. MIG/MMA/LIFT TIG Mode. 3. MMA mode with VRD control. 4. With output polarity conversion. 5. Under MMA mode can be used as lift arc TIG. 6. With perfect overcurrent, overheating, under voltage protection. 7. Current and voltage figure with seperate digital display. 8. 3 Duct design( Waterproof, anti dust, anti corrosion). 9. The high rate of sustained load can be used for industrial users. Scope of application: Mig200/250/300: Φ0.6-1.2 flux-cored wire Mig200: Φ0.6-1.0 carbon steel wire,5/15KG MIg250/300: Φ0.6-1.2 carbon steel wire,5/15KG Consumbles: 200A: Φ2.5-4.0, acid electrode, basic electrode 250A/300A: Φ2.5-5.0, acid electrode, basic electrode Welding workplace: 1-6mm, carbon steel, stainless steel

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