hardfacing steel welding rod

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    Hardfacing Steel Welding Electrode

    Hardfacing Steel Welding Electrode Features: D147 Normal low-mild allooy surfacing welding electrode. It can be used to repair various carbon steels surface and carbon steel track swich. D507 Applicable in value sealing face, axle, mixer paddle and valve of carbon steel or alloy steel, the operating temperature is below 450℃. D517 High Cr steel surfacing welding electrode. It can be used for surfacing welding value sealing surface, axle, mixer, blades of the screw conveyer. D217 Good abrasion resistance accompanied with medium impact, applicable in remedying shovel tooth, bulldozer blade, bucket, crane wheel,cutter blade and etc. D707 The weld metal contains tungsten carbide, applied in the welding of overlay of rock strong wear resistant, such as earth mover, concrete agitator, etc. D802 Co-Cr-W alloy, flux-cored Co based surfacing with electrode, surfacing metal can be kept good property of wear resistance and corrosion resistance when operated at 650℃.

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