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    Co2 Gas Shielded Welding Wire

    Co2 Gas Shielded Welding Wire

    Co2 gas shielded welding wire
    Co2 gas shielded welding wire are widely used for welding of steel structure in mineral machineries, engineer machineries,ships, bridges,pressure vessels, building constructions. Welding of other 500pa level carbon steel and low alloy steel, high-speed welding of light gauge plate and pipe line steel.
    1.The welding wire is steady to transfer wire.
    2.The welding line is formed beautiful.
    3.The welding fog and splash is little.
    4. It has good fluidity and anti-crack resistance.
    5. The welding slag is thin and easy to fall.
    6. The welding line has good breaking strength and anti-low temperature impact resistant performance.
    7. It is applied for welding of all- position and bigger electric current range.

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    Carbon Steel Submerged Arc Welding Wire

    Carbon Steel Submerged Arc Welding Wire

    submerged arc welding products manufactured by our company have excellent welding and machinery performance and be used with many kinds of welding flux. The electric arc is steady , deslagging process us easy , welding line is formed well and the welding speed is fast. There is no splashing and arc stimulation in the melting of welding wire. The welding line surface is bright and clean, and the welding quality is guaranteed and it is prone to realize mechanization and automatic welding.

    In the light of the characteristics of the submerged arc welding wire, our company has mainly developed products package from large heavy single package including products with special package style such as fine round package products with single weight f250kgs,300kgs and 350kgs.

    Submerged arc welding wire are widely used in ship building industry, large steel structure,pressure vessels, bridges and so on. Some products with special marks have been used in welding of vessels in the nuclear power station.

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    Carbon Steel And Self-shield Flux-cored Welding Wire

    Carbon Steel And Self-shield Flux-cored Welding Wire

    self-shielding flux cored wire used for welding carbon steels. This product does not require a shielding gas and can be used in limited multi-pass welding operations. The bead appearance is not equal to a gas-shielded product, but the benefits of not having to use gas makes this product popular. E71T-11 operates on straight polarity only (DCEN).

    Typical Applications
    Butt, lap and fillet welds on steel 16 gauge through ½”
    Assembly and maintenance welding

    Welding Current
    DCEN (Electrode Negative, Straight Polarity)

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    Aluminum&Aluminum Alloy Welding Wire

    Aluminum&Aluminum Alloy Welding Wire

    Aluminum MIG welding wire /aluminum alloy welding wire ER4043 is a kind of aluminum & silicon alloy welding wires with 5% silicon, also name S331, and this product is of good liquidity, good forgeability, but lack of ductility. Due to the high silicon content, when used in the welding of high magnesium alloy, easily generated in the weld brittle Mg2Si, reduce the plasticity and the corrosion resistance of joint. In addition, the welding surface color dark, anodized after more different with parent metal color.

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    Solid Wire For Mag/mig Welding

    Solid Wire For Mag/mig Welding

    Low spatter, High feedability, Porosity free, Good bead appearance, Easy to weld;
    Shielding gas is required: 80-percent Ar+20-percent CO2 or 100-percent CO2;
    All Positions, Single and multi pass welding;
    Mig solid welding wire for Carbon and Carbon-Manganese steels;
    Made in China from the finest quality materials using state of the art technology under highly respected labor conditions.

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    Stainless Steel Gas Shielded Welding Wire

    Stainless Steel Gas Shielded Welding Wire

    Stainless steel gas shield welding wire
    1. Low welding costs.
    2 High productivity and low electricity consumption.
    3 Easy to operate.
    4. All position welding.
    5. Very low hydrogen content in the weld and lower nitrogen content.
    6. Excellent crack-resistance.
    7. Little deformation after welding.
    8. Wide applicability. Suitable for welding thin, medium and thick plates.

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  • Stainless Steel Flux Cord Welding Wire

    Stainless Steel Flux Cord Welding Wire

    stainless steel flux cored wire comprises the combination of Titanium slag and high purity 304 steel.This 18-8 grade steel welding wire involves the austenitic-ferritic structure.The ferrite content in metallographic structure reaches 5-10FN.

    1.It is widely used in petroleum chemical industry, pressure vessel industries, etc, such as 00Cr19Ni10(SUS304L).
    2.Usage: 301, 302, 304, 305 and 308.
    3.Welding Temperature: Less or equal to 300 degrees Celsius.
    4.Welding position: It is suitable for all position.


    1. Wire shall be stocked in dry. Open the packs just when welding to avoid the wire rust.
    2. Before welding please clean out the oil, rust, water etc from the work parts.
    3. Must use pure COBB2.BB

    1. soft and stable arc
    2. beautiful appearance of weld.good slag detachability
    3. fewer spatters
    4. This product is a kind of stainless steel gas-shielded flux-cored welding wire.
    5. It has excellent welding performance.
    6. All-position welding.
    7. It is used for welding 304L Stainless steel
    8. Shielding gas: 100% CO2

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    Stainless Steel Submerged Arc Welding Wire

    Stainless Steel Submerged Arc Welding Wire

    Stainless steel submerged arc welding wire
    Item: 308/308L 316/316L
    Aplications: It can be used in the welding of 18%Cr-8%Ni or 20%Cr-10%Ni austenitic stainless steel equipment and pipe with SJ601, HJ260 and other fluxes.

    Precuations:1.It should take small current and small wire energy input in welding, and users according to their own welding conditions for process assessment, and to develop a reasonable technical specifications.
    2.Do remove the rust , oil, water and other impurities on weldment before welding.

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    Stainless Steel Welding Wire

    Stainless Steel Welding Wire

    Stainless Steel Welding Wire Wire is usually used to weld carbon steel and stainless dissimilar materials, sometimes to weld martensite and pearlite steel with poor toughness, such as petrochemical industry, fire power station and other industries.

    Description (MIG Stainless Steel Welding Wire):

    1) Grade: SS201, 202, 304(L), 308(L), 309(L), 310(S), 316(L), 347 etc.
    2) Standard: AISI, ASTM, DIN, GB, JIS, SUS
    3) Diameter: 0.8mm-4.0mm
    4) Certification: ISO9001: 2008
    5) Coil weight: 5KG, 15KG, and 25KG
    6) Application: Mesh weaving, Soft pipe, Isolation, Shipbuilding, Automobile, Chemical industry

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