Welding Safety Equipment

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  • Welding Helmet

    Welding Helmet

    Welding helmet are designed to protect the eyes and face from sparks, spatter and harmful radiation under normal welding conditions. Especially for the auto darkening welding helmet, its auto darkening filter automatically changes from a clear state to a dark state when an arc is struck, and it returns to the clear state when welding stops.

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  • Helmet Accessories

    Helmet Accessories

    Helmet accessories mainly include auto darkening filter lens, cover lens, filter lens and so on, which is a timely and effective substitute and supply for the wear of helmet.

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  • Welding Apron

    Welding Apron

    Welding Apron is made of leather with strong, durable, flexible performance, with wear-resisting, heat insulation and fire-proof performance. It prevents cooking fume from roasting, can block the welding spatter. It's fire retardant, comfortable, and easy to wear and unload. It is used in the serious environment of welding spatter, which can protect the body of the user well.

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  • Gas Mask

    Gas Mask

    Gas Mask is a personal special labor protection supplies, but also personal protective equipment, worn on the head, to protect the respiratory organs, eyes and face, to prevent poisonous gas, dust, bacteria, poisonous and harmful gases or steam and other toxic substances injury of individual protective devices.
    Gas masks are widely used in petroleum, chemical, mining, metallurgy, military, fire, disaster relief, epidemic prevention and technology environmental protection, machinery manufacturing and other fields, as well as in the haze, photochemical smog more serious cities can play a relatively important role of individual respiratory protection.

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  • Welding Suit

    Welding Suit

    Welding suit has a wearable, insulaiton and fire resistance performance. The emphasis on the site are double skin and pot nails to strengthen the structure to provide a highly safe operating environment, with adjustable magic stickers can be inverted upright collar, can block the welding spatter, shoulder with a seam bar, strengthen the durability. Fire-retardant cotton collars are safe, comfortable and sweat-absorbent. The upper and shoulder position of the hand sleeve is in the inner part for easy discharge. The design of the front guard of the welding coat prevents the spatter from being splashed into the garment, the double skin and the pot nailing to prevent the tear.

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  • Welding Glasses

    Welding Glasses

    Welding glasses are featured as scratch and impact resistant, with wide vision. It's fashionable and comfortable, with work safety and sports safety.
    Welding glasses are with flame retardant performance. It's applicable to gas welding, copper welding, cutting and other workplaces, especially suitable for: Labor insurance, industrial, military, medical, construction, field work and other fields.

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  • Arm Guards

    Arm Guards

    Arm guards are made of cowhide leather with good durability, flexibility, wear-resisting, insulation and fireproof performance. It ca block the welding spatter, and enhance the durability. It's fire-retardant, safe and comfort, easy to wear and unloading. The design of cuffs use thread to prevent sundries from entering. It can be used in a serious welding environment. The user's body can be protected well.

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  • Welding Mask

    Welding Mask

    Welding mask refers to the tool to protect the safety of the workers in the welding and cutting operations. Its popular name is welding caps.
    The role of Welding mask:
    1. Eye protection: Double filtration, to avoid the arc produced by ultraviolet and infrared harmful radiation, as well as the damage on eyes caused by welding strong light, to prevent the occurrence of electro-optic inflammation.
    2. Face protection: Effectively prevent the damage on the face caused by the splash of the work and harmful body and so on, reduce the occurrence of skin burns.
    3. Respiratory protection: Airflow guidance, effectively reduce the damage to the body caused by the release of harmful gas and dust etc, prevent the occurrence of pneumoconiosis diseases.

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  • Welding Glove

    Welding Glove

    Welding glove is a kind of welder's artificial glove, which can protect workers' safety and comfort , suitable for maintenance, Construction, Engineering, Plumbing, Assembly Industry, Automotive Manufacturing, Packaging, Electronics, Glass Industry etc.

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